Hair Care in the Midst of the Changing Seasons

Well, Summer is just about over and Fall and Winter will be quickly approaching.  No time for sighs, our scalp and tresses are in need of continued love and attention.

Some of us will find our scalp dry and itchy, while others will have dry brittle hair and yes, some will struggle with both.  But here are a few tips and reminders for taming your tresses and calming that itchy scalp.

  • Drinking water is and will always be key to a healthy head of hair and skin.  So continue to drink up!
  • Condition, condition, condition!  I can't say it enough!  Conditioning your hair is equivalent to what exercise is to the must do it.
  • Handle your hair with care!  Try de-tangling your hair with your hands. (This works well with natural curly hair).  If you prefer to use a tool like a comb or brush please remember to release tangles starting from the ends as you work your way up towards the roots. 
  • To prevent stress on your hairline, especially if you wear a wrap style, make sure your satin scarf extends past your hairline and that the hair is not caught in the scarf when you knot it.  
  •  Become your own masseuse!  Massage your scalp before putting on your scarf or bonnet at night. This will stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth. For those who like to brush their hair, brush with a large paddle brush to accomplish the same results. 
  • Oil will not hide flakes or scales that are on your scalp.  Oil will make the flakes stick to your hair and very difficult to remove. If you struggle with this, visit your dermatologist. A shampoo or topical ointment/solution may need to be prescribed to control it.
  • Apply styling aids such as hair sprays and serums to the shaft of your hair and not your scalp.
  • Combine a blend of distilled water, an astringent and olive oil  to spray on your scalp when you are wearing extensions or braids. This is a great solution to prevent dry, itchy scalp between shampoos.  It will keep your scalp fresh and clean. 

These are just a few reminders and tips to help you with transitioning through the seasons.  If you have further questions or would like more information that applies to your specific hair care needs, I invite you to call the salon at 814-308-8636 to schedule a  hair & scalp analysis and/or a private hair care class.

True Care for Your Hair!