Charmeuse Satin Bonnet


Charmeuse Satin Bonnet

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A Thee Lasting Look, Inc. exclusive!

These luxurious premium quality Charmeuse Satin Bonnets feature a smooth weave with high luster, promoting soft, healthy hair. They carry a multi-layered design with elastic enclosure for comfort.

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  • 100% AUTHENTIC - Medium weight; No fillers such as acetate or nylon; Superior shine and comfort
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY HAIR - Charmeuse Satin is a very smooth material, and allows your hair to move easily across and within its surface which avoids friction and damage that is caused by cotton. Cotton is highly absorbent and will draw moisture from your hair as your sleep. The weave pattern in cotton is very abrasive and will catch individual strands of hair, thus causing them to tangle and break.
  • MOISTURE RETENTION - Moisture stays within the bonnet
  • PROTECTS YOUR HAIR - The smooth surface of Charmeuse Satin helps prevent hair loss, split ends and protects you hair roots and shaft. It can also prevent "frizz" as well.
  • RECOMMENDED BY MEDICAL EXPERTS - Due to the benefits of Charmeuse Satin, it has been recommended to patients that are recovering from cancer, hormonal issues and those who spend extended periods of time in bed as they recover.
  • HANDLES ANY TEMPERATURE - Charmeuse Satin can handle both hot and cold temperatures. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Easy Care Instructions: Hand wash / No bleach / Hang to dry

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